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Andrea Morricone, Cristian Viviano - NEVER GIVE UP feat. KidBess 
Full EP Release Date: 7th July 2021

1) NEVER GIVE UP feat. KidBess (Original Mix)
2) NEVER GIVE UP feat. Kidbess (Superga 84 Retrowave Mix)
3) NEVER GIVE UP feat. Kidbess (Joy Kitikonti & Solwings Essential Mix)

Andrea Morricone and Cristian Viviano link up to superb effect on a fantastic new single from Descending Order that comes with remixes by Superga 84, Joy Kitikonti & Solwings.

KidBess is the guest vocalist and makes an appearance that lends the track real emotion. The sweeping strings, the warm drums and broken beats all get you up on your toes, and the vocal adds a tingle in your spine. The Superga 84 Retrowave Mix is then more chilled out, stripped back and deep. It has lush synths and gentle drums that get you in a fine state of contenement. Last of all, the Joy Kitikonti & Solwings Essential Mix is deep and rolling for the late night hours in the club-- lush, with majestic melody.

This all comes in a fantastic EP that covers many different shades of house.



Body Breakin KidBess Cover Art
Make It Loud KidBess Cover Art


Written, Performed,Produced and Mixed by Bess Greenberg at KidBess Studio.

Mastering Engineer: Jeff Stachyra

Recording engineers: Joe Alston of Two Birds Records at Hart Studio and Bess Greenberg at KidBess Studio.


"Dance with the rain falling down"- Body Breakin animation video

Lyrical animation--

Body Breakin pre-release

Sound Spirals-

"Make It Loud" Animation

"Imagine To Be Real”

(Acoustic Travel EP) 2019

Written in Sicily, Italy. Recorded in Lundeborg, Denmark




From France to Italy to Denmark to England to Scotland, KidBess spent four months traveling Europe, writing new material, photographing and performing for the first time in Italy, Denmark and England.

basketball to the beat, again soon 🙏❤️

As a professional basketball player turned documentary photographer, curator, visual artist, and musician, KidBess shares her unique demonstration of rhythm, weaving together basketball, music and art in a mesmerizing live performance.

(KidBess & The Magic Ring @ Johnson City Schools. L-R:  KidBess, Jeff Howard, Jim Lomonaco, and Joe Alston)



KidBess is musician and visual artist based in Upstate NY, 
recognized for passionate performance, textured vocals and open hearted lyrics. Articulate in passionate swells, her conviction is a reminder that our greatest strength can be found in vulnerability. KidBess (Bess Greenberg) debuted as a solo performer in the summer of 2016 before focusing on making her own productions in the studio. She is set to release her first, self-produced studio work "Body Breakin'" and "Make it Loud", in April of 2021. 



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